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Year: 2020

Essential Work Without Essential Protections or Pay

I am a cashier at Fred Meyer. I have lived in Oregon my whole life. I am a mom of three, a daughter, a sister, and a friend. I am writing to share my experience to show why reinstating grocery workers “hero pay” increase is so crucial to workers and shoppers alike. When the pandemic started, at first it was … Read more »

Looking back, moving forward – unity bargaining

People have said over and over again, “I can’t wait for 2020 to be over.” It is undeniable this year has been one of the hardest we’ve faced yet. A global pandemic threatened and continues to threaten our health and safety, and that of our loved ones. Many of our homes were lost in unprecedented wildfires. Many more families are … Read more »

Local Victories in Oregon and SW Washington

The November 2020 general election was an incredibly important one for working people both nationally and specifically here in Oregon & Southwest Washington. Beyond just the top of the ticket there were a number of incredibly important local and statewide races. Overall UFCW Local 555 participated in over 100 races, endorsing candidates and ballot measures across the region, and we … Read more »

Looking forward to a pro-worker future

It’s official: Joe Biden is President-elect of the United States. Kamala Harris is Vice President-elect. With Biden’s decades of experience working alongside union leaders, endorsement of almost every major union across the country, and promise for “the most significant pro-labor, pro-worker administration,” we have a wide path ahead to build a better America for working people. The largest obstacle on … Read more »

Guest Article: Oregon is Failing Warm Springs

GUEST ARTICLE: MARSHALL PIOTROWSKI – SUNRISE MOVEMENT PDX The Warm Springs Reservation has suffered through a water crisis for many years now. Repeated boil orders due to a lack of sufficient water pressure, an out-of-control COVID-19 outbreak, and the loss of millions of dollars of promised lottery funds leaves the Confederated Tribes in a vulnerable, yet familiar position. The reservation … Read more »

Elections Matter

We are facing compounding catastrophes — an uncontrolled pandemic, homes ravaged by unprecedented wildfires, and a widespread absence of justice for Americans nationwide. We’re clearly seeing how the failures of legislators cause real suffering for working people and their families. We’ve lost homes, many have lost their jobs, and the pandemic alone has claimed over 200,000 lives. In the middle … Read more »

A Matter of Life and Death

Imagine having earned a benefit at work, but knowing that the system was so biased toward the employer that it was impossible to access or use. That’s what many of our members are going through with regard to Workers’ Compensation. Workers’ Comp is a benefit that all employees receive. If you become injured or sick as a result of your … Read more »

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