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Tell Fred Meyer to invest in their employees.

It’s WRONG for so many Fred Meyer employees to struggle to pay rent, while Kroger takes home $400M in annual tax savings.

It’s WRONG that at the most profitable division of Kroger, employees aren’t paid enough to make ends meet.

It’s WRONG for Fred Meyer to hire more and more part-timers while cutting their current employees’ hours down to the bone.

Tell Fred Meyer to make it right. 


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Kaiser/Alliance action: EVERY TUESDAY

As we continue to bargain with KP at the local and national level it’s become clear that we face one of the most serious fights our Union has seen since the inception of the Partnership Agreement.

To win fair contracts we need to increase the level of our actions at work. We need every member of UFCW Local 555 to demonstrate that we stand united.

Wear your stickers, buttons, UFCW scrub or colors (navy blue and gold) every Tuesday until we reach a settlement. You’ll be standing strong with Alliance members across the country.

If your workgroup needs more materials, contact


Part of demonstrating our collective power is standing together in action. Check back regularly to find out when we need to take action.

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In times when action isn’t immediately needed, be sure to stay informed.