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Category: Contract Negotiations

Unity Negotiations: the fifth meeting

Our two-day meeting with our Unity employers was productive. We took some useful steps towards agreement on certain language. The employers have not yet addressed our primary concerns, though: economics (wages) and scheduling (hours). We must continue to step up and demonstrate our solidarity so that our employers cannot fail to hear us. The next scheduled negotiation dates are November … Read more »

Unity Negotiations: the fourth meeting

Our collective demonstrations of unity and our focus on working together is beginning to become apparent to the employers. We exchanged multiple proposals and counter-proposals during this two-day period. However, we were displeased to receive a counter-proposal suggesting that any dispute regarding reasonableness of a vacation denial must be submitted in writing within 14 calendar days and that HR/Labor Relations … Read more »

Unity Negotiations: the third meeting

union strong fist

This was the third meeting with employers and they offered very minor modifications. They’re still pushing to take away seniority rights, earned vacation rights, and to make it possible for courtesy clerks to check. They brought nothing new to the table that would resolve our primary issue: being able to afford to live in our communities. The next scheduled negotiation … Read more »

Unity Negotiations: the second meeting

Rising fists

Today the employer came to the table, but not much progress was made. They did not address many of our proposals, including staffing issues, hours issues, or economic (wage) issues. Instead, they proposed: • Scheduling you for fewer hours per day and more days per week • Taking away your contractual premium pay during hard-to-fill times (nights and Sundays) • … Read more »

Unity Negotiations: the first day

Here’s the 411 on the first day of Unity Negotiations. This was a big day: the first time our bargaining team met with employers. We came with proposals in hand, developed after many team meetings, time spent reviewing survey results, and much discussion with our fellow members. We told of our struggles trying to make a living with insufficient wages … Read more »

2nd meeting of Unity Bargaining team

2018 Unity Negotiations

May 14th saw the second meeting of the Unity Negotiation retail team to begin the process of initiating proposals. The proposals will align with the goals we’re committed to: achieving a contract that improves the lives of our members, coworkers, and families, which will in turn strengthen our community. We’ve also reiterated our request for bargaining dates to our employers … Read more »