Collective Bargaining Report

In the past several months, we have had major victories in negotiations with Fred Meyer, QFC, Safeway, Albertsons, and Sherm’s. Below are some brief updates for other contracts in the jurisdiction.

Legacy Emanuel Pharmacy (Portland, Oregon)

Negotiations began with Legacy Emanuel for the Pharmacists and Pharmacy Technicians contracts on January 11, 2022, and the Union Bargaining Committee has met with the employer a total of four times since then. Due to hospital staffing issues, at the request of Legacy, negotiations have been limited to half days so far.

Discussions have focused largely on safety, workplace issues, and staffing concerns. Additional sessions have been scheduled for March 11 & 14, with the hospital agreeing to full days for negotiations.

The committee is committed to obtaining a fair contract that protects members’ work, adequately compensates them, and sets a foundation for improving the staffing problems that plagues their professions.

Bay Area Hospital (Coos Bay, Oregon)

Negotiations for the over 500 UFCW Local 555 represented employees working at Bay Area Hospital will begin later this year. Preparations are already underway. Members have been invited to fill out a bargaining survey to help the Union Bargaining Committee. A meeting will be held with the bargaining committee in late March where they will go through training to prepare them for negotiations, review the results of the bargaining survey, and begin working on initial proposals for bargaining.

McCain Foods (Burley, Idaho)

Bargaining dates have been scheduled in April and May to negotiate a new agreement for the nearly 600 UFCW Local 555 represented employees working at McCain Foods, a potato processing plant, in Burley, Idaho. This will be the first negotiations under the Local 555 banner for this group since UFCW Local 368A merged with Local 555 in September 2021. Members in the unit have been invited to complete a bargaining survey, and the bargaining committee will be meeting in mid-April to review the results and prepare for negotiations.

Fred Meyer Meat Warehouse (Clackamas, Oregon)

Negotiations will begin soon for the Fred Meyer Meat Warehouse in Clackamas, Oregon, for their contract which expires April 2, 2022.

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