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Since the start of this crisis, Union Leadership has been fighting for PPE and hazard pay while you literally risked your lives for your communities, and repeating that the pandemic isn’t over for you whenever Fred Meyer talks about rolling back their support for its extraordinary employees.

Even though the hazard is not over, Fred Meyer has ended Hazard pay with a small final bonus, all while the pandemic continues. They expect you to wear masks and gloves to protect the community, but the community isn’t required to do the same to protect you. Fred Meyer wants to act like this is the new normal. This is not normal, and this is not right. Working under modified hazardous conditions deserves compensation and better safeguards.

Jon McPherson heads Kroger’s Labor Relations Department in Cincinnati, Ohio. He doesn’t live in the Northwest and hasn’t been in your store. It’s time the decision-makers at Kroger hear from you and your co-workers about what it’s like still working in a pandemic, surrounded by customers who can’t be inconvenienced to protect you. Is it time to return to normal pay when business still isn’t back to normal? What message do you think Jon needs to hear? Tell us what you think, but more importantly, tell us why.

In a short video (a “selfie-style” video is ideal), tell Jon McPherson what you think. Please start off with your first name, and where you work.


Some talking points:

  • “The Hazard is not over.”
  • “My store has never been this crowded before.
  • “How is it that Hazard pay is ending when there is still a hazard?”
  • “It is impossible to socially distance.”
  • “We are putting our lives on the line for corporate profits.”

We need to hear your story so we can tell your story. Please submit yours below.


Your story matters

Grocery workers are essential personnel for a functioning society.

Person standing in victory, holding a flag“We have never been more proud of our UFCW Membership for standing strong in the Northwest’s time of need and of my Union Representatives who have stood with you.”

-Dan Clay and Jeff Anderson

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We want to share the critical work you’re doing every day during the COVID-19 pandemic. Please, share your story below.



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The coronavirus crisis proves what we’ve known for a long time: grocery store workers are incredibly important to our communities. You’re working on the front line of the pandemic so parents can buy diapers, patients can pick up their prescriptions, and everyone can access the food and goods they need to survive.

Your work deserves to be recognized, and people need to know what grocery workers are putting on the line to serve their communities through the pandemic. Many of you have heartwarming stories of people helping each other out and we want to hear that too; in times of such difficulty, we need all the positivity we can get!

Here is just a sample of what you’ve shared with us so far:

“…customers have been overwhelmingly appreciative and grateful!”

“A coworker was told she had to come to work or she would be fired.”

“…I’m scared to come to work.”

“My husband has been sick for a long time and I’m terrified I’m going to take it home to him.”

“Today I saw a customer pay for part of another customer’s order…”


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Stories you've shared

Casey, UFCW Local 555 member at Fred Meyer

“My coworker actually got physically assaulted by a customer. The customer took an item off the top of her picking trolley, and she went over to the customer to see if she could get the item back. The customer ripped her name tag off of her apron and threw it on the ground. After security got a hold of the customer, they refused to give the name tag back. I’m afraid to go into work.”

LaTia, UFCW Local 555 member at Fred Meyer

I wake up sobbing in the middle of every night because when I sleep, the horrors of what I’ve seen the previous day replays in my dreams. Every night there they are… Mothers begging me with tears in their eyes to break rules so they can feed their children, elderly couples searching empty aisles for the few items on their lists yet leaving with juice and some canned beans, and my being sprayed with disinfectant spray against my will when my customer said “Sorry, I’m just paranoid”.

Humanity is not dead… not if we hold onto it…not if we fight to show love to the hearts that have grown cold with fear and anxiety.

Sam, UFCW 555 member at Fred Meyer

“Now we have so many scared members of the community using us as their lifeline; it really adds seriousness and makes you want to go the extra mile to help.
Even getting someone extra eggs and milk feels like a big moment.”

Edwin, UFCW Local 555 member at Fred Meyer

…To see everyone at the store pull together and just try and help these shoppers in our community get the essential items they need is just amazing. Some customers are a little bit harder to deal with during times like this, but most are very appreciative and kind knowing that we are working more hours than usual to give them the best customer service possible.