Make sure you're taking advantage of all the options.

As a UFCW member, you have access to two different discount programs as well as educational options.


  • Union Plus

    Union Plus offers an amazing array of discounts and other benefits. Not all of these are available to everyone; some may be dependent on applying for credit.

    Browse their site for information on life insurance, theme park discounts, scholarship programs, credit cards designed to meet the needs of union families, discounts on car services and tires, discounted movie tickets, and many other discounts and coupons. You can even apply for grants if you’re facing job loss, hospital bills, debt, or other hardships.

  • Educational savings

    As a UFCW member, you have the chance to get your GED or learn a language…all for free!

  • UFCW Discounts

    LifeMart (also available as an app from the Google Play Store or iTunes Store) offers important life cost savings like child care and education, as well as fun stuff like cosmetics, concert tickets, and vacations—just for being a UFCW member.

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