Elected Leaders Support the Women of 555

Sometimes it’s hard to be a woman at Fred Meyer.

It’s easier when your community has your back.

After we shared our discovery that Fred Meyer disproportionally places women into lower-paying Schedule B jobs, our communities rallied around us to say that they don’t think it’s ok for the men who run Kroger and Fred Meyer to make more by paying women less. Elected leaders in Oregon are no stranger to uniting with workers to build stronger communities and we’re honored to have so many of them lending their support to the Women of 555. Watch this page for daily updates!

Thank you,

to all who support working families across Oregon and Southwest Washington! We are so grateful for your shows of solidarity!

We’re fighting for equity for Schedule B workers and increased wages for all:

  • We deserve to be treated better.
  • We a wage that will allow us to live in our communities.
  • We deserve a wage that will allow us to shop where we work.

Want to join the movement for equity at your neighborhood grocery store?

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