Exterior of UFCW 555 Tigard office

This is your 2018 Executive Board

Thank you for your service to UFCW Local 555.

Elected officials

  • Dan Clay
    Dan Clay
  • Jeff Anderson
    Jeff Anderson
  • Lisa Loucks
    Lisa Loucks


  • Lisa Anderson
    Lisa Anderson
    Wilsonville Fred Meyer
  • Kevin Billman
    Kevin Billman
    Local 555
  • Judy Caire
    Judy Caire
    Aloha Safeway
  • Glen Esperson
    Glen Esperson
    Kelso Safeway
  • Elisa Gonzales
    Elisa Gonzales
    Local 555
  • Melody Gramley
    Melody Gramley
    East Salem Fred Meyer
  • Alice Grassl
    Alice Grassl
    Silverton Safeway
  • Charlotte Hardin
    Charlotte Hardin
    Roseburg Fred Meyer
  • Sue Perry
    Sue Perry
    Bay Area Hospital
  • Jim Sinclair
    Jim Sinclair
    Local 555

Vice-Presidents Not Pictured

  • Stacey Anderson
    Sunnyside Medical Center, Kaiser
  • Anna Bjorkquist
    Coos Bay Fred Meyer
  • Allen Cronin
    Santa Clara Fred Meyer
  • Karin Eder
    Safeway 2448
  • Brandon Sweaney
    Forest Grove Safeway