Hot air balloons saying Benefits

You’re a Shop Steward

Thank you for building power at your workplace!

You are critical to strength of our union

Union Reps and other union staff work on behalf of union members, true, but a union is carried on the backs of all of us.

Shop Stewards like you amplify your Rep’s knowledge and union presence in the workplace to further build our collective power.


Prepare for the 2018 Leadership Conference!

Calling all Shop Stewards and Workplace Leaders! The 2018 Leadership Conference (formerly known as the Steward Summit) is approaching. Learn more and sign up to attend!



If you work in grocery, CCK, meat, or non-food, chances are that Unity Negotiations are going to positively affect your next contract. Make sure your members are buttoned up with one or more of our Unity buttons to show your support of each other and the team bargaining your contract! We will have a series of these buttons during the campaign.

Make sure you know your rights and follow the latest news on negotiations.

UFCW 555 Stronger Contract for a stronger community

Not yet a Shop Steward? You may be a good fit if:



  • Colleagues come to you

    with questions.


  • You build trust

    with your colleagues and becoming someone who advocates for them at work.


  • You have a strong understanding

    of and passion for building union power.


  • You find yourself focused

    on listening to others and amplifying their voices.


  • You want

    to be able to make a difference.


What’s the difference between a Steward and a Workplace Leader?

A Shop Steward…

is a role with an additional layer of accountability. A Steward acts as the in-store union presence and receives additional federal protections for their official role. It is a position that is codified under law and is out in the open for everyone (including management) to see. A Steward is the equal of store management and can act as union representation in a Weingarten meeting.


A Workplace Leader...

has a range of different types of responsibilities. A leader can be a communicator on behalf of others, or someone very involved in union meetings and building power. Being a leader is what you make it. Workplace Leaders can remain leaders or can eventually become Stewards, depending on involvement, availability, and interest. Learn more about being a Workplace Leader.


Keep your fellow members engaged.



  • Do they have copies of their contract?

    If not, suggest that they fill out this form to get one.


  • Bring them to a member meeting

    Whether they are new or not, there’s a Quarterly Meeting nearby to keep them informed and active.


  • Build power for the ABC

    You know that the ABC allows us to pool our resources to take on big business. Does your workplace have active ABC members? If not, tell them about it!