From Your Local 555 Officials: The Fight For Equity

As you know if you’ve been following the details on Unity Negotiations, the last thing that happened was an extremely heated session with the employers over the “economics” of the contract. That means wages. They complained that we were asking for far more than anyone could ever expect: far more than was reasonable. (We consider a living wage to be an incredibly reasonable thing to insist upon, but you know how corporations feel about that.)
We saw the employers knowingly choose to ignore the realities that we face and offer a counter-proposal would see us up against an ever-increasing cost of living with only pennies to throw at our rising bills. After offering up that insufficient counter-proposal, they then blustered and threatened. And then they left the room and the team hasn’t seen them since.
See the Unity Update below for what followed.
So, here we are, taking the fight for equitable wages to the shop floor: one store at a time. The evidence of our collective determination and persistence is mounting…equity buttons will soon be everywhere and an inexorable flood of petitions demanding an equitable wage increase are making their way to management. (More pictures on 7A.)
The time is now. Stand together, demonstrate strength, unite to win.

In Solidarity,

Dan Clay




Jeff Anderson




Bargaining update:

There isn’t much of a unity update this month, because after whining that we were asking for too much in wage increases, threatening us, and leaving, the employers haven’t accepted any of the dates we’ve offered. On the 21st of December, our team sent 22 (that’s right: 22) possible dates for the next session of negotiations.
And what have we heard back? As of our print deadline for this paper: nothing. That’s more than a month passing with no response to agree upon a date. We don’t know why. Maybe they’re not done complaining? Maybe they haven’t yet fully realized how powerful tens of thousands of workers are when we stand together? Maybe they haven’t had to live on the wages they’re offering?
While we wait, be sure you’re participating in the fight for equity. See page 7A for some pictures of strong, determined fellow union members fighting this fight