Help Us Secure a Fair Contract at Guardian Games!

Last summer, we unanimously voted for our Union at Guardian Games. Since that time, management at Guardian Games has played games in an effort to avoid bargaining with our Union. Our Employer has canceled our bargaining sessions twice with little notice, and when they do show up, they drag their feet.

We organized with our Union because while we love what we do, we need to improve our working conditions. And we are now at a point where we need your help. We need you to help us hold Guardian Games accountable as we fight to make it a more sustainable place to work, which we know will allow us to better your experience when you visit our shop.

We are asking you to stand with us and sign our petition. There may be a time in this process that we ask you to take economic action against Guardian Games– but we are not yet at that point. For now, please sign up and pledge your support of us, the organized workers at Guardian Games. We will keep you informed as our bargaining process continues to unfold.

We appreciate all of you for hearing us, valuing what we bring to the community, and supporting us as we fight for a better Guardian Games for us all.

We Need your help!

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