Grievance Department: Fred Meyer Nutrition Transitioning into Grocery

One of our wins in the last round of Unity Negotiations was creating a path for Nutrition Center employees at Fred Meyer to opt into the Grocery contract if their store had integrated Nutrition Center items next to grocery items on the shelves. Some stores, but not all, have integrated their Nutrition and grocery items.

The stores that did integrate are required to offer Nutrition Center Members a move to the Grocery wage scale if they choose to do so. These members also have the option to remain in a non-foods position. For most members, moving to the Grocery contract and wage scale means a pay increase.

Fred Meyer did not make these adjustments immediately. In defense of our member-negotiated contracts, we successfully filed a grievance for all Nutrition center members. Some pay adjustments took longer than others, so some members may still be waiting for back pay. We are still checking to make sure all UFCW members who opted to move to the grocery contract are paid the appropriate wage, including back pay.

Please let your union rep know if you or someone you know have received a check that included back pay for moving from Nutrition to Grocery, and please get your union rep a copy of a pay stub if possible to help us with documentation.
Fred Meyer drug this out longer than they should have, but our tenacity in the grievance process makes sure everyone gets the pay they are entitled to.

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