Imperfect Foods is Imperfect

You didn’t sign up with Imperfect Foods to support exploitation, you signed up to reduce food waste. But now that Imperfect Foods has been bought out by Misfits Markets, its mission is all about profit.

Anti-Union Behavior

During negotiations with the drivers’ union, Imperfect Foods has demanded the right to:

  • Force their union drivers to scab on striking workers by delivering UPS packages during a UPS strike
  • Outsource their work to non-union drivers
  • Change working conditions without input from their workers.

This is unacceptable and anti-union!

You Deserve Better

You chose Imperfect Foods because you don’t mind making small sacrifices for big steps toward sustainability. You think that no food should be wasted, everyone deserves access to quality food, and that we need a food supply chain that works for everyone. However, Imperfect Foods failed to deliver on their promise.

Unsustainable Practices​

Behind feel-good branding of Imperfect Foods, is a company modeled on maximizing exploitation and extraction. In 2022, Portland-area drivers working at Imperfect Foods unionized to improve their working conditions, fight for a fair paycheck, and work reasonable hours. The company has fought them at every step of the way.

Now, over a year later, your local Imperfect Foods delivery drivers are still fighting for their first Union contract. They want to be able to take care of their families, just like you take care of yours.

Fighting Back Is Easy

Tell Imperfect Foods that everyone deserves a sustainable future. While this fight continues, support Imperfect Foods drivers by supporting other union workers. Sign up for grocery delivery services at your local Safeway, Albertsons, or Fred Meyer.

Sign on below to join the pledge to support union workers!