Kroger Retail Negotiations Update

On September 30 and October 1, we met with representatives from Kroger to negotiate the contracts for Fred Meyer and QFC.

The recent tragedy in Memphis, Tennessee shows clearly why it’s necessary to have contractual plans for pandemics, natural disasters, and workplace violence; the conversation this session centered largely around workplace safety.

Your employers were asked why having a plan in place for these issues is so difficult, to which they responded that they felt their own plans were sufficient. We continued to discuss the need to work together to create a safe working environment for our membership and why there is a need to address this on a contractual level. A national policy set by corporate headquarters will not necessarily lead to a safer work place without local member input because one size doesn’t fit all.

The employers came back with a counter proposal to our safety concerns and engaged in a productive dialog, but no agreements were reached on the matter.

We believe you should not be put in hazardous situations without a plan to protect you. You should have a say in your own safety and it needs to be in the contract, not just a one-sided policy set by the employer.

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