Let’s make this election count

No matter your political interest or leanings, elections are an opportunity to shape our nation’s approach to problem solving, as well as the outcomes that can impact millions. Few issues illustrate this point more clearly than the COVID-19 crisis. When comparing states like Oregon and Washington with others that lack strong worker protections, the importance of the ballot box becomes clearer than ever.
In Oregon and Washington, we fought for and won First Day Sick Leave Laws, which provide additional protections for workers so they can avoid the dismal choice between working while sick or missing needed income. The expansion of Family and Medical Leave laws ensure parents can take care of their children while schools are shut down. Powerful worker protections like these have built strong and necessary floodwalls to help our members weather even unforeseen and unprecedented crises like we’re now experiencing together.
No one is perfect or has all the answers (that’s certainly true of politicians)! But since we worked hard together across the Pacific Northwest to elect pro-worker politicians, some protections are already in place when we need them most, and our officials are able and willing to rise to tackle whatever challenges we face.
Still, we continue to face this dangerous, invisible threat, with uncertain timelines. While none of us knows what next year or even next month will look like during this crisis, we must continue to make smart decisions for our future, whatever it may hold. In this election year, that means we need to elect local, state and national officials who will put workers first, follow expert advice from the medical and scientific communities, and make the complex, tough decisions today to ensure a better tomorrow.
There’s no getting around it. Politics can be a nasty, divisive business. They can dictate our working conditions, our living situations, our work/life balance, our minimum wage—even how we weather pandemics. If we don’t fight for the best elected officials on the ticket, then we’ll have no say in helping make these and so many other decisions that matter so much to our members’ lives. We won’t help pull focus and funds from Wall Street to Main Street. And as part of your Leadership team, that outcome is just not acceptable.
UFCW Local 555 continues to be a proud and strong voice in the political process in both Oregon and Washington. Our Active Ballot Club supports legislators and policies that benefit workers. We work with Republicans and Democrats, putting people and the issues that affect them over party. We fight not just for today, but for our tomorrows and our children’s tomorrows.
Members who donate to our Active Ballot Club are changing the face of politics in the Northwest. You are helping to influence the future for the good of all our frontline workers who can’t stay home when a crisis hits. The Active Ballot Club (which funds the Unions political program) is entirely voluntary. However, doing so ensures that we can continue to fight stronger worker protections for you and your co-workers.
Whether you are part of the Active Ballot Club or not, there is something you can do to help. VOTE! The future is what we make it. Oregon and most of Washington votes by mail. In Oregon, it’s even easier now that ballots are postage paid, which was passed last year. Do your duty: Get your ballot in your mailbox by May 14, or a ballot drop box by 8 p.m. on May 19. I’m proud to live in a free country with representatives elected by the people, for the people, and to be part of the incredible UFCW 555. Thank you to every single member for your truly heroic and selfless actions during this season, your incredible work has supported a nation in its hour of need and on behalf of our entire leadership team and staff, we salute you.

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