Local 368A has merged into Local 555!

Welcome, Idaho and Wyoming! Local 368A has merged into Local 555

Welcome page for new Local 555 members from Idaho and Wyoming

The members of Local 555 and Local 368A have spoken, and we are thrilled to welcome the members of Idaho and Wyoming Local 368A into Local 555! With the ballots counted from members in Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and Wyoming, the merger is official, and Local 368A is now part of Local 555. As explained at the merger vote meetings, Local 555’s bylaws and structures are not changed and have been adopted by all members brought in. We draw our strength from coming together, across contracts, across shops, and across states.

We are now nearly 30,000 members strong.

From Bend to Boise, 

Lakeview to Jackson, 

Portland to Pocatello.

Local 555 continues to grow, and not just in numbers or shops represented. We grow in the collective wisdom that can only come from a group united toward a common goal: The wellbeing, security, and dignity of working people. Our ability to empower the working people of this country grows exponentially with every worker and ally who stands in solidarity with us.

All working people deserve to be treated with respect and humanity. In Oregon and Washington we have fought to defend and expand the rights of workers. Our members enjoy the benefits of equal pay for equal work, paid sick leave, and more consistent schedules. Now, we look forward to expanding the rights of workers in Idaho and Wyoming, too. 

Not every battle will be a triumph, but knowing our Union is growing in number and in potential makes me confident that we will continue to change workers’ lives for the better.

Dan Clay – President – UFCW 555

Sandy Humphrey – Secretary-Treasurer – UFCW 555

Welcome page

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