Looking to our future

Throughout 2019, our Union leadership and staff proudly fought alongside you to achieve victories that positively impact members’ lives and work. In Oc-tober, after months of tireless work by members in all corners of the 555, together we reached and ratified the strongest Unity Negotiations Agreement ever for members in major retail stores. 2019 also saw more active member participation in our events and actions than ever before. For all your time, talents and passion that enabled this progress, we share heartfelt thanks and appreciation.
Still, our work isn’t done: that same energy and momentum that helped us achieve those import-ant wins in 2019 must now be refocused toward the 2020 election—a critical election year in Oregon, Washington, and the nation. “We the people” elect those who make and reform our laws and regulations, so it is crucial that we elect candidates who wholeheartedly support labor and workers.
At UFCW 555, we don’t talk politics, we talk policy. First Day Sick Pay, minimum wage increases, and the Fair Work Week law were UFCW policy ideas that your Union worked hard to enact. This year, we will rollout new policy ideas designed to make tax dollars work harder for members, rather than corporate bank accounts or out-of-state holding companies. In the upcoming year, as we have always done, we will be endorsing and assisting candidates based on their support of our issues, and not what party they belong to.
The part of your Union that works on legislative issues is called the Active Ballot Club (ABC). The funding comes from voluntary contributions (not regular dues) from members like you, to ensure that working people have a powerful voice in government. We are all in this together. If you already contribute to the ABC, THANK YOU! If not, please contact your rep to sign up!

In Solidarity,