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We take care of each other

We are a committee dedicated to finding ways to lift each other up during times of financial stress. Right now we have two annual programs.

Requests for assistance is based on nominations for these programs. You may nominate yourself or someone else: the only requirement is that the recipient be a UFCW Local 555 member and be in need of assistance that the drive can provide.

Nominate a member for Back to School assistance!

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Two opportunities to lend a helping hand!

Back to School Drive

Nominations for this drive are are concluding by August 10th.

Back to School donations emphasis assistance for school supply purchases for members with school-aged children.

Holiday Food & Toy Drive

Nominations for this drive will open in late October and close sometime in November. (Check back for details in the fall of 2018).

Members selected for assistance will receive their toy and food donations at the start of December.

Reach out to your 2016-2018 committee