Member 2 Member UFCW Local 555 Member Assistance Program

We are a committee dedicated to finding ways to lift each other up during times of financial stress.

Requests for assistance is based on nominations for this program. Assistance is not guaranteed and will depend on demand.

You may nominate yourself or someone else: the only requirement is that the recipient be a UFCW Local 555 member and be in need of assistance that the drive can provide.

Nominations Have Closed

Woman in cashier stand, facing away from till towards the camera. She is smiling and holding a drawstring backpack of school supplies from the Member 2 member program.

Penney Murphy, , Center Street Safeway

I was really struggling to get the necessary items for back-to-school. My Union stepped up and provided this wonderful bag filled with so much that was needed for a successful first day of school. Thank you UFCW555.



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