Meet Dan & Sandy

Dan and Sandy have a long history with Local 555...

Dan Clay comes from a union family, growing up in Portland. Dan was a union representative in 2008 when he ran for president upon Gene Pronovost’s retirement. The membership of Local 555 decided to support Dan’s campaign for change and elected Dan Clay to be president by a nearly 3-1 margin. Dan was most recently re-elected in 2020, and looks forward to his next term serving the 28,000+ members of our union.

Sandy Humphrey started working at the Local in 1992 in the dues department before spending several years in the grievance department and the collective bargaining department. She became Executive Secretary in 2009, and Director of Operations in 2019. Among the most senior staff at the Local, Sandy knows Local 555 inside and out. She transitioned to the Secretary-Treasurer position in early 2021, and looks forward to serving the membership in her new role.

Local 555 is led by a democratically elected Executive Board, responsible for establishing and monitoring broad membership goals and objectives. Daily operations at the Local are managed by our Union President, Dan Clay and Secretary-Treasurer, Sandy Humphrey, and are carried out by approximately 40 full-time staff members located throughout Oregon and SW Washington.

First and foremost, our members are parents, students, and valued community members. We are people who want to be treated with respect for the work we do in our communities. We want to be able to afford our rent and take our families to the doctor when they are sick. We want to ensure our kids have fulfilling childhoods and promising futures. We want what every person wants: the American Dream.

We are each other’s greatest strength.

By simply banding together, we’ve exponentially expanded our power. And what we can do doesn’t stop there.

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    We stand up to big money in politics by pooling our resources, a dollar or two at a time. The ABC makes things happen.

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