Graph of Median Weekly Earnings for Union and Non-Union workers. Union Workers Consistently earn more.

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A new member?

If so, welcome to the biggest private sector union in the state! Thanks for adding your voice to ours, making us even stronger. Here’s a quick overview of things to know to get you started.

A returning member?

We are so glad to have you back with us, and congrats on returning to a job that provides you with union benefits! If you received a withdrawal card when you left, here’s an overview of potential action items for you to take upon rejoining. {link down to anchor for returning member checkbox section further down this page}
If you did NOT receive a withdrawal card, you will rejoin Local 555 as if you were a new member.

As a NEW MEMBER, be sure to:

As a RETURNING MEMBER, you need to:

One of the most common concerns as a returning member is whether you retain your seniority, vacation status, and health insurance eligibility. Generally speaking, these things depend on continuous employment with the same employer. (It is a completely different situation than your union benefits.)

How this affects your opportunities within the workplace is dependent on your employer’s policies.Here are a few examples. These are JUST examples: your specific situation may vary depending on your contract or your employer’s policies.

  • If you’ve severed employment, your seniority ends there and you start fresh on all fronts once you return.
  • If you sever employment but return within a year, the one element that you WILL keep is called a prior experience credit. This means that if you’ve worked your way up to a certain point on the apprentice scales before leaving and you return within a year, you start where you left off on the scales.
  • If you were to be away from work for any approved Leave of Absence and return at the end of that leave, then all your seniority remains intact.
  • If you transferred within the same employer between a union job and a non-union job (in other words, if you had to leave the union but did not leave the employer), you would retain seniority for everything, including vacation and health insurance eligibility.
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