News of the Week 9/21-9/28

News of the Week

September 21st-28th

Opponents say big stores violated campaign law in grocery tax fight

The Portland Tribune

There have been several reports of grocery store employers directing their employees to wear buttons, pass out magnets and other literature, or in other ways support Measure 103. Employers using “undue influence” to influence employees political activity is a violation of Oregon state law. In short, employers cannot require employees to advocate for this law. Businesses need to make their campaign contributions honestly, and without infringing on employees’ freedom of expression.

Oregon has never had a tax on groceries, and taxes on food in Oregon have little likelihood to take effect, as shown by the major defeat of Measure 97 in 2016. Further, while items such as e-cigarettes would be permanently blocked from being taxed, basic household necessities such as diapers, menstrual hygiene products, and soap are not protected. Measure 103 makes big tax loopholes for large corporations without protecting the most vulnerable groups, such as families, farmers, and small business.

Kroger says you won’t see ClickList at its supermarkets anymore

USA Today:

ClickList at Kroger stores (including Fred Meyer) will be changing its name to “Kroger Grocery Pickup” to eliminate potential confusion from customers. Clicklist/Kroger Grocery Pickup has been rapidly expanding in our region, and the UFCW 555 has recently been successful in organizing 4 sites. Through growth and name changes, we stay united and union brothers and sisters and support each other.

UFCW President: Amazon’s Cashierless Stores ‘About Greed,’ Not Convenience

Progressive Grocer

As Amazon seeks to expand its cashierless stores, the UFCW International President Marc Perrone says “Jeff Bezos and Amazon are deploying a business model that poses an existential threat to millions of American jobs, and it’s time we are honest about the devastating impact this will have on our nation and tens of millions of hardworking families.”

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