150,000 more voters made their voices heard in Oregon’s May primary election. 

Oregon’s primary election in May was an impressive demonstration in how much our voices matter in making decisions that will affect the many. 33% of registered Oregon voters submitted a ballot in the May 15th election: noticeably up from a worrisome 19% just one day before the election, but still slightly lower than the last comparable election (May of 2014, the most recent non-presidential nominating election, with a total percentage turnout of 35.5). 
However, that percentage view is misleading. Oregon’s new automatic voter registration took effect in January of 2016 and demonstrated a 14% increase in overall voter registration. More registered voters, of course, means that a similar turnout in actual votes would register as a lower percentage total.
In raw numbers, this May 2018 primary election showed 895,574 ballots received, up almost 150,000 from the total in May of 2014. In other words: GOOD JOB! Let’s continue to do better by continuing to remain active and engage one another in the voting process.
If you voted in this election, whether with or against the endorsements of this union, thank you for your participation in a critical process.