President’s Corner: Deadlines

It’s a busy time of year with too many things for any of us to think about, so I’ll be brief, but I wanted to bring two deadlines to your attention.

  1. Health insurance OPEN ENROLLMENT. First, keep in mind that if you do nothing (purposefully or by accidentally missing the deadline), everything stays the same. If you want to make any changes to your insurance, though, Open Enrollment is the time to do it. Your packet must be postmarked by Wednesday, January 16th for an effective date of February 1, 2019. You should receive your packet with open enrollment information before Christmas; if you don’t, please call the Trust office at 866-796-7623. Turn to page 6A for more details on open enrollment.
  2. The next FREE COLLEGE enrollment deadline is coming up, so you may want to think about it while you’re making new years’ resolutions! January 14th, 2019 is the deadline for the next term of the UFCW Free College Benefit, which is designed to help Union members build a better life: offering no-cost tuition and books, available advising and tutoring, and fully transferable credits, all from Eastern Gateway Community College. Eastern Gateway (EGCC) is a public, nonprofit, fully accredited college that is accessible online. All UFCW members and their families (including grandchildren!) are eligible and there are currently fourteen focus areas of study available, in addition to a flexible “Associate of Individualized Study” Degree. To learn more, to apply, and for a full list of FAQs and other details, please visit UFCW International’s Free College page at college.

Thanks, as always, for reading and for being a member of Local 555.

Wishing you the warmest of winter greetings,




Dan Clay