Comply now; grieve later.

When in doubt, do as you’re told and then check in with your Union Rep.

When you have a problem at work, consider the following:

Know your rights:

Weingarten Rights allow us, as a Union, to stand together to protect one another. If you are EVER in doubt, invoke your rights. Get more details about your rights.

Do you have a grievance?

Figure out which type of problem you have. A grievance requires one set of actions, but a complaint or a gripe are different.

What can you document?

Nearly every situation requires documentation. Write down the specifics: the more detail, the better. Don’t document gossip, hearsay, or non-specific problems; that won’t help.

Reach out to your Rep or Steward:

You have power both in the store (your Shop Steward* or Workplace Leader) and outside (with your Union Rep). Reach out to one or both of these people for guidance.

* Does your store not have a Shop Steward or Workplace Leader?
Consider becoming one to build union power in your store.

The fastest way to reach your Union Rep is to call them directly. If it’s easier for you to fill out a form here, please do so.

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