Comply now; grieve later.

When in doubt, do as you’re told and then check in with your Union Rep.

When you have a problem at work, consider the following:

Know your rights:

Weingarten Rights allow us, as a Union, to stand together to protect one another. If you are EVER in doubt, invoke your rights. Get more details about your rights.

Do you have a grievance?

Figure out which type of problem you have. A grievance requires one set of actions, but a complaint or a gripe are different.

What can you document?

Nearly every situation requires documentation. Write down the specifics: the more detail, the better. Don’t document gossip, hearsay, or non-specific problems; that won’t help.

Reach out to your Rep or Steward:

You have power both in the store (your Shop Steward* or Workplace Leader) and outside (with your Union Rep). Reach out to one or both of these people for guidance.

* Does your store not have a Shop Steward or Workplace Leader?
Consider becoming one to build union power in your store.

Reach out to your rep!

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