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Tim Mahern-Macias

Tim Mahern-Macias

Union Representative

Born in Houston, TX but raised in Omaha, NE, Tim isn’t too concerned about the Pacific NW weather because, well, “it’s better than Omaha!” He has a Masters’ degree in negotiation and dispute resolution and his impressive ré- sumé includes working for HUD, organizing for President Obama’s re-election campaign, working for an environmental nonprofit, and living in Japan for three and a half years. (He met his wife while there; they have a little girl named April who just turned 16 months and has recently learned one of those most critical of toddler tricks: how to make a kissy-face for the camera.) He had worked in Washington State for a while and his wife had taught for Lewis & Clark, so making their way back to the Pacific Northwest was an easy decision for their family.

When asked to sum up Local 555, Tim notes that some organizations out there are staffed with people just collecting a paycheck, or people whose functional groups are separated too much from the rest of the organization, but that here he feels a depth of concern for the members, a passion for the work we do, interconnectedness between departments, and a sense of welcome.


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