Safeway & Albertsons Negotiations Update – 9/14/21

Retail Negotiations
On September 13th and 14th, we had our second set of sessions negotiating for Safeway and Albertsons members. Your Unity Bargaining Committee continued to discuss proposals with the company. These sessions were focused around working conditions and language in the Albertsons and Safeway contracts for Oregon, SW Washington, Idaho, and Western Wyoming. With the merger complete, we have added former 368A members to our UFCW Local 555 Unity Negotiation Committee.
Our discussions revolved around the staffing structure in our stores and how contract language could be improved to benefit the membership. While no agreement was reached on this topic this session, we made progress on understanding these issues with each other.
Updating contract language is complex, as these negotiations cover people in four states, and will likely take several more sessions to work through to ensure that you get the best contract possible. As we all know, there needs to be significant changes to improve your working conditions. Between the pandemic, wildfires, and workplace violence, there is no question that working in the stores today is widely different than working in the stores 5 years ago.
Your Unity Negotiation Committee is dedicated to ensuring this process addresses the concerns raised in the membership survey. This is YOUR contract, and if we work together, it will help better the lives of the working families of UFCW 555. It may take time, but in unity, there is power.
Be sure to watch your union bulletin board, your email, Facebook, Twitter, and for more information. You can also reach out to your Union Representative, Shop Steward, or Bargaining Team member on how to get involved.
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