Secretary-Treasurer’s Note: April 11, 2019: a Lobby Day to remember

Lobby Days are one of my favorite days of the year, because it’s when we take to the halls of power en masse to speak our truth. Over time I’ve seen the combined level of excitement and dedication of our members continue to rise as our power in Salem is proven time and time again. This time, the feeling in the room when we all gathered together ready to go was palpable. We came together to receive a briefing on each bill that we were advocating for (see my column from last month for details on the three we talked about) and also discussed our strong opposition to the “self-serve bill” that would kill off the thousands of fuel attendant jobs across the state. We’re not letting those members’ jobs go without a fight, and if there’s one thing we’ve proven time and again: 555 is more likely to win a legislative fight than not. 


Lobby Day also highlights the amazing access that we in this country have to our electeds. We call and make an appointment and then just head on in to the Capital Building and speak directly with those in the halls of power, sharing our stores and our passion for protecting working families. Some conversations are easy… maybe the legislator in question is already a proponent of one of our bills. Some conversations are a challenge…maybe the legislator in question is concerned about something in one of the bills, or disagrees with our lived experience. But one thing is certain: our access to these legislators is unfettered and part of their job is to meet with us, especially if we happen to be their constituents, to hear what we have to say. 


Thank you to everyone who showed up in the past, on April 11th, and who will show up in the future to take an active part in our democracy. The decisions, as they say, are made by those who show up! See pages 6A-7A for Lobby Day pictures.