From Your Local 555 Officials: ABC

Whether or not you have much of an interest in politics,

chances are good that you’ve heard at least some murmurs about how active the upcoming November midterm elections are likely to be. With tempers running hot on both sides of the aisle—and with so much at stake—this may well turn out to be one of the very rare midterm examples of relatively high voter turnout. And that would be a very good thing. As we’ve said before, high turnout is always a win because it increases the likelihood that the result of an election is in tune with the will of the people. So, please, plan to vote this fall; make sure you’re registered at your current address (Oregon My Vote) (Washinton My Vote) and watch for your ballot.

Oregon voters will be able to submit their ballots between October 17th and Election Day (November 6th).

In Washington State, the ballot submission window opens two days later, on October 19th, and runs up through November 6th.

On the back page of this paper, you’ll see our ABC endorsements. Our ABC program is funded voluntary contributions by members and supports candidates regardless of political party. Instead of voting red or blue (our membership is split roughly down the middle, politically, just like our country is), our ABC committee chooses our endorsements based on which candidates are most likely to support the issues that affect our working families, such as healthcare, the cost of living, affordable college, a reduction in taxes for the middle class, and protecting workers’ retirement.

More to come as we turn the corner into autumn.

In solidarity,



Dan Clay & Jeff Anderson