Social Media Community Guidelines

UFCW Local 555 Social Media Community Guidelines

Created January 3rd, 2019

Published January 8th, 2019

Updated June 19, 2019

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are experiencing a workplace issue, please contact your union rep directly. Many issues are time-sensitive and can only be handled by your representative; precious time may be lost if the questions are routed through our social media pages.

On a related note, Local 555 does not have any obligation to respond to every comment, particularly if providing particular information in a public forum would jeopardize any contractual status or bargaining position. We do try to respond to all legitimate questions! Please be mindful of the fact that there are hundreds of comments to moderate and remember that if you have a time-sensitive issue it is best to reach out to your rep or call the main office (503-684-2822). Alternatively, we will always strive to respond to direct messages within 24 hours.

The passion of UFCW Local 555 members and the larger community is central to what makes our union great. Local 555 manages a number of social media channels in an effort to promote a supportive and informative space for members, their loved ones, and friends of labor in Oregon and Southwest Washington (and beyond!).

By interacting with our social media channels (including but not limited to, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram) you agree to abide by our Community Guidelines, listed below. The Local reserves the right to moderate comments that violate these guidelines. Users who are in repetitive or gross violation of these guidelines may be blocked from accessing these pages.

Persons blocked from UFCW Local 555 social media pages are still permitted and encouraged to access any and all resources from The Local and may contact their union representative if they need assistance doing so. If you feel an unfair decision has been made, please contact your rep or email

The nature of unions is collaborative, so we may use what is shared on our pages for our own content. We will generally seek permission from the original creator of content before posting.


Community Guidelines:

  1. Abuse of any kind is not tolerated. This includes:
    1. Harassing, stalking, or threatening any individual or group.
    2. Hate speech, vulgarity, and excessive profanity
    3. Defamatory language
  2. We ask commentary to stay on topic. If there is a topic you would like to see addressed on our pages, please contact us through private messaging on those platforms, or email us at Suggestions are appreciated and are used whenever possible.
  3. Fraudulent, misleading, and unlawful comments will be removed and may be reported to relevant authorities. Obviously fake social media accounts and/or accounts impersonating members will be blocked.
  4. Please don’t spam or “flood” the comments.
  5. For your own safety, please don’t publicly post your personal information such as phone number, home or work address, or email address.
  6. If it is true, kind, and helpful or otherwise necessary, please share!
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