REI: Stop Attacking Workers' Rights!

Join our nationwide effort to hold REI accountable for its anti-worker practices. Workers at REI need your support as they courageously embrace change.

1) REI must fire its union-busting crew: We insist that REI takes immediate action to remove any people involved in undermining workers’ rights.

2) REI needs to agree to a national card check agreement: REI must commit to a fair and transparent process, which allows workers to easily and confidentially indicate their desire to join a union.

3) These workers deserve neutrality: As REI employees choose whether to form a union, the company must sign a statement of neutrality, binding them to respect the workers’ decision and remain neutral throughout the organizing process. Workers should have the freedom to exercise their rights without interference or intimidation.

4) Bargain in good faith: REI must meet the union at the bargaining table and negotiate a first contract in good faith.


REI Workers need your support!

Sign our petition now to show REI that customers stand in solidarity with their workers. By signing, you pledge to honor any picket lines, utilize your voice as a member of the Co-Op and, if called to, temporarily revoke your membership until the Co-op recognizes workers’ rights to organize. Together, let’s send a strong message to REI that workers’ rights matter, and that we expect fair treatment for all employees.

I pledge to support REI workers and their right to choose to unionize.

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