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Essential employees in Local 555 stores are
in negotiations for a new contract

What are we fighting for?

We need safer working conditions

Everyone has the right to safe work. The threats grocery workers face every day are largely preventable or able to be mitigated. Health and safety policies, emergency preparedness, and not tolerating abuse from the public are just a few of the ways we can make work a safe place to be.

It’s simply a matter of values: do employers value profit above the safety of their employees and the communities they operate in?


We need wages that allow us to shop where we work.

Everybody needs food. Making sure we can feed our families is an essential service grocery workers perform every day.

At the same time, low wages have meant those workers often can’t afford to shop in their own stores. This needs to change. There is plenty to go around for everyone to have food on the table.

Please stand with us as we fight for basic protections.

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