Unity Negotiations: the twelfth meeting

Employers offers 10 over minimum wage…after offering less than minimum wage.

Prepare yourself to applaud the employers’ “most generous offer to date.” Or, don’t.

Yesterday, employers put forth a proposal that stunned the Unity Team with its sheer cluelessness…a proposal that would, by the end of the contract term, see several departments paid below what minimum wage would be that year. After the team called it out, employers adjusted the proposal to get those same departments a dime per hour above the 2022 minimum wage (in 2022).

And what about that $3.53 average gender pay gap at Fred Meyer? The latest proposal continues to offer only a dime per hour per year towards closing that gap. At that rate we will eventually see equal pay…by the year 2054.

Fred Meyer/Kroger seem to be oddly comfortable being known as the grocer who profits off the devaluation of their workers…specifically women.

The Unity Team requested that a federal mediator join negotiations to assist the employers in reaching an understanding of what a productive negotiation might look like.

To quote President Dan Clay, “There is a high likelihood that we will see an economic action taken against stores in the near future. We will release details by Tuesday, September 10th.”

The next bargaining date will be released as soon as we can arrange schedules between the employers, the mediator, and our Unity Team.

 Fred Meyer partners with Oregon Food Bank to feed those in need (their own employees).

August’s donor of the month at Oregon’s Food Bank is Fred Meyer. To quote, “Fred Meyer is proud to work with Oregon Food Bank…to end hunger in the communities we call home by 2025.”

Watching a grocery chain whose profits come directly from our hard work donate to the local food bank to “feed the human spirit” would be heartwarming…were it not for the reality that “hunger in the communities [they] call home” is made noticeably worse by their refusal to pay us enough to keep our families off public assistance.


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