Unity Negotiations: the fourth meeting

Our collective demonstrations of unity and our focus on working together is beginning to become apparent to the employers. We exchanged multiple proposals and counter-proposals during this two-day period.

However, we were displeased to receive a counter-proposal suggesting that any dispute regarding reasonableness of a vacation denial must be submitted in writing within 14 calendar days and that HR/Labor Relations is allowed to “review and adjudicate.”

Negotiations can seem very slow and may include plenty of points of contention, but we remain determined and focused on arriving at a contract that will provide noticeable improvement for all of us and for our families.

The next scheduled negotiation dates are October 8th and 9th. Please continue to demonstrate your unity by wearing your buttons and remaining in contact with one another.

Speak with your rep, your steward, or your bargaining team member(s) if you available for or within easy reach of our upcoming store actions. Whether or not those actions are at your stores or at stores run by your employers, your presence (and/or support from a distance) will make a difference for the entire Unity team.

And when you see a customer wearing a supportive sticker such as the blue Fred Meyer sample shown here, thank them. Having the community stand in solidarity with us is a wonderful feeling!

Stay in contact with your fellow Union members and watch your email and social media.
(If you’re not on the email list, please write news@ufcw555.org.)
Stay Union Strong!

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