Unity Negotiations: the eleventh meeting

Our Unity team met with the employers again this week and over the course of two days the employers managed to do two whole things:

  1. request that we reiterate our proposals
  2. provide us with their latest dystopian proposal, along with a statement saying that they don’t plan to respond to our wage proposal unless we “get in the same ballpark” as they are. (That “ballpark,” as far as we can tell, would be the one where they give insultingly inadequate increases that would cause us to slip further and further behind.)

Your Unity Negotiations Committee insisted on keeping your interests front and center. We reiterated our proposals and the need for substantial wage increases in order to afford to live in the communities these employers profit from.

The latest disingenuous employer proposal would transfer nearly $150M from your health and welfare fund into their pockets…in exchange for nickels and dimes for us.

The employers’ position is disconnected, disrespectful, and completely and utterly despicable.

If there ever was a time to stand together in unity and demand respect and equity, NOW IS THAT TIME.

It is critical that you attend your contract’s strike vote authorization meeting. Our strong “YES” vote will tell the employers in a way they can understand: we will not give up.

The next bargaining dates have not yet been agreed upon.