Unity Negotiations: the fifth meeting

Our two-day meeting with our Unity employers was productive. We took some useful steps towards agreement on certain language. The employers have not yet addressed our primary concerns, though: economics (wages) and scheduling (hours).

We must continue to step up and demonstrate our solidarity so that our employers cannot fail to hear us.

The next scheduled negotiation dates are November 6th and 7th. We remain positive and focused on the eventual completion of a good contract that will provide noticeable improvement for all of us and for our families.

Please continue to demonstrate your unity by:

wearing your Union buttons (watch for your new Power of the People one).
remaining in contact with one another so you’ll be prepared when new actions begin.
• speaking with your rep, your steward, or your bargaining team member(s) to schedule your availability for upcoming store actions.

And when you see a customer wearing any of our stickers or buttons, thank them. Our communities are so encouraging and it really matters! Stay Union Strong.