Unity Negotiations: the ninth meeting

Rising fists

During this meeting our team looked back over the proposals to date and reviewed the remaining open proposals.

The employers told us they needed more time to review their proposals and where they stand.

We expressed an interest in bringing in consultants to discuss our health & welfare programs regarding how best to allocate our resources.

As we’ve seen again and again, the employers are refusing to work within the economic realities we are all facing. We know we need more to survive, the bargaining team knows it, and honestly, we think the employers know it too…and are just trying to cover their ears to avoid hearing our voices.

But it’s time. It’s time for equity. It’s time for increased wages.

The next bargaining session date will be announced as soon as it is agreed upon. Keep demonstrating your expectations for equity, sign and deliver your wage petitions (if you haven’t already), stay connected, stay informed, and above all, stay #unionstrong.