Unity Negotiations: the second meeting

Rising fists

Today the employer came to the table, but not much progress was made. They did not address many of our proposals, including staffing issues, hours issues, or economic (wage) issues.

Instead, they proposed:

• Scheduling you for fewer hours per day and more days per week
• Taking away your contractual premium pay during hard-to-fill times (nights and Sundays)
• Ignoring negotiated contractual rights if they find themselves unable to comply with the new Fair Work Week law
• Allowing courtesy clerks to check
• Reducing your sick time accruals
• Allowing meat dept. employees to do work currently reserved for meat cutters
• Taking away your vacation by requiring a “use-it-or-lose-it” procedure.
(They already attempt to do this individually, but they want contractual protections for it.)

We are not impressed.

We say no to takeaways.
We say no to weakening our contracts.
We say it’s time to stand together, united.

The fight is now. Wear your buttons. Stay in contact with your fellow Union members.
Remain alert for actions, and above all, stand Union Strong.