Unity Negotiations: the seventh meeting

During this meeting, we worked towards (but did not yet reach) a resolution on some of the last remaining “mandatory subjects of bargaining.” Additionally, we discussed the process of commonsense consolidation of contract areas.

The next scheduled negotiation dates are December 18th and 19th. While we’d like to turn the focus to economics at the December meetings, that will depend on what the employers bring to the table.

Remain in close contact with one another and with the customers at your stores so that you—and your community—are ready for any necessary actions. At 25,000 individuals, we are massive. Add in our families & friends, and our numbers swell even further. Add in our labor community and our International presence, and our power continues to grow. Add in our customers and fellow members of the community, and there will be more of us than any employer wants to deal with.

Don’t forget to speak with your representative, your steward, or your bargaining team member(s) regarding your availability for any upcoming actions. Whether or not those actions take place at your store, your presence (and/or support from a distance) will make a difference for the entire Unity team. Don’t forget to wear your buttons to visually demonstrate our solidarity!

What to do with the continued offers of help from our customers? Let them know how much their support matters. Tell them to remain engaged and connected to folks in their stores so that they’re ready if and when we call on them for shows of solidarity. Stay Union Strong!