Unity Negotiations: the sixth meeting

Today, in our sixth meeting with the employers, we came to a scheduling TA* regarding a guarantee of minimum weekly hours at a level that is going to make a difference for many of our members. This step is due to your commitment and moves us closer to what matters the very most: wage increases.

Continue to put the pressure on and keep demonstrating our solidarity.
We are 25,000 strong and will not be stopped!

The next scheduled negotiation dates are November 27th and 28th. Please continue to demonstrate your unity by wearing your buttons and remain union strong by staying in close contact with one another so you’re ready to act when necessary.

Speak with your rep, your steward, or your bargaining team member(s) regarding your availability for our upcoming store actions. Whether or not those actions take place at your store, your presence (and/or support from a distance) will make a difference for the entire Unity team.

What to do when your customers ask you what they can do to help? Tell them to remain in touch with their local store’s employees so that they’ll be ready to take action when we ask them to.

Continue to communicate with your fellow Union members and watch your email and social media. (If you’re not on the email list, please write news@ufcw555.org.) Solidarity!

* A “TA” stands for “tentative agreement,” and is an important milestone in the negotiation process.