Unity Negotiations: the tenth meeting

During this single day of negotiations with the employers they gave us zero new proposals.

We continued to hone in on our economic proposals and provided proposals that address what we’ve been saying all along: we cannot live on what we’re being paid, and we need more.

It’s almost as if they cannot bring themselves to recognize the severity of our situation. We’re not asking for significant wage increases expecting to be bargained down to less. We’re asking for significant wage increases because that’s what we need in order to survive and to live and shop anywhere near where we work.

Said another way: we gave them an economic proposal that would meet our needs. They. Did. Not. Respond.

The next bargaining dates are: May 15 & 16.

At this point, wage petitions have been turned in to nearly every Unity store. (If your store hasn’t done it yet, please be sure to sign off: your voice matters.)

And now, it’s more critical than ever that you turn out and vote yes at your specific contract’s strike authorization meeting. Portland-area meat: you already know your dates.

Everyone else: keep your eyes and ears open for your strike authorization meeting dates. A strike vote will occur for every affected contract.

We simply will not give up. Stay focused and stay #unionstrong.