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Local 555 Calendar of Events - Oregon and Washington

New Member Meetings are held to introduce new members to the Union and to help answer any initial questions. If you qualify, you’ll receive a one-time credit of up to $50 off your initiation fee, just for attending!

Quarterly Meetings help you stay informed! Being an involved and engaged Union member means coming to our Quarterly Meetings (January, April, July, October) whenever possible.

There are also lots of other great ways to stay informed and get your questions answered.


  • Talk to your Shop Steward or your Union Rep

    Do you have a workplace leader or Shop Steward at your location? If so, that’s the union right there with you at all times. Or, contact your Union Rep for help!

  • Check out our FAQs

    If you have a question, chances are good that someone else has had it too, right? If you don’t find it in our FAQs, feel free to ask us to add it.

  • Call the Trust Office

    If you have pension questions or questions about Health & Welfare benefits, call 866-796-7623

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