Active Ballot Club: A Better Contract

Local 555's Active Ballot Club

The ABC means a better contract.

Working for change and stronger worker protections
in both Oregon and Washington State


In Oregon,

the ABC in Oregon has won Fair Scheduling protections (first in the nation!), shaped representation on the Board of Pharmacy, decriminalized unintentional sales of alcohol to minors, and won first day sick pay and minimum wage increases.

In Washington State,

your ABC dollars helped pass Initiative Measure #1433, which raised the minimum wage and gave you First Day Sick Pay.


  • The ABC does not endorse candidates based on their political party.
  • The ABC endorses candidates based on platform/their emphasis on workers’ rights.
  • Union dues cannot be used for political purposes. That’s why ABC is funded separately.

Unions make our lives better.

Local 555 makes changes that build on one another: at the bargaining table as well as through legislative action. Sometimes a need arises that employers try to avoid addressing in negotiations. First Day Sick Pay and Fair Scheduling are two recent examples. Your employers refused to even talk about these huge workers’ rights issues and told us to “try our luck in Salem.”

Well, we did, and we won! When that happens, not only do we gain traction with both employers and with legislators, but it takes something off the table in negotiations, allowing us to push even harder for our workers’ remaining needs. In other words, the ABC lets us collectively address policies that will make our lives and the lives of all families better.

We show our strength both in negotiations and in legislative action. A better community is as simple as a better contract, which is as simple as ABC.

7 steps to
stronger contracts, stronger laws, and stronger communities


  • Build a strong Active Ballot Club

    through many individual donations and collective lobbying power.

  • Stand up to corporations

    at the statehouse and the ballot box by flexing that power.

  • Strengthen workers' rights,

    one law at a time.

  • Build on those rights

    during contract negotiations and protect those rights by filing grievances when they’re jeopardized.

  • Workers with improved quality of life

    collectively create a stronger community.

  • A strong community

    that stands together builds more power.

  • Repeat!


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