Active Ballot Club

for A Better Contract

Stronger Representation Makes for Stronger Contracts

While collective bargaining is our most important tool to negotiate better contracts and improve working conditions, participating in elections is another way we can make our voices heard and bring about positive change. By supporting and working with politicians who understand the issues that matter to working Americans, we can help to secure workers’ rights that we might not be able to win at the bargaining table. We can not only secure better contracts for ourselves, but also work towards creating a better community for all workers. Through the Active Ballot Club (ABC), you can unite with your fellow members to be heard in the political process and truly make a difference in your workplace.

Oregon House Candidate Charles Gallia joins UFCW 555 members striking Fred Meyer and QFC. December, 2021

Voluntary & Non-Partisan

Your Union dues are never used for political purposes. The Active Ballot Club is funded separately and voluntarily by you and your fellow union members. Candidates are not endorsed based on their political party. Instead, candidates are endorsed based on their platform and commitment to workers’ rights.

Active Ballot Club Achievements

Fair Work Week

UFCW 555 was at the forefront of Fair Work Week effort, leading to Oregon passing the first-in-the-nation legislation!

First Day Sick Leave

Local 555 went from winning First Day Sick Leave in Portland in 2013 to the entire state in just two short years. By 2016, we achieved First Day Sick Leave in both Oregon and Washington!

Unintentional Sale Protection

UFCW Local 555 pushed to protect checkout clerks from prosecution by decriminalizing unintentional sales of alcohol to minors in Oregon!

Oregon members can get a tax credit of up to $100 each year, just for donating!

Oregon offers an income tax credit to Oregon tax filers who contribute to qualifying state, federal, or local political campaigns. The ABC qualifies! The total credit is limited to $100 on a joint return or $50 on a single/separate return, if individual income filing is less than $100,000, or joint income filing is less than $200,000.

Ready to join the ABC or upgrade your donation?

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