Become a Workplace Leader

UFCW Local 555 is staffed by a team of experienced and skilled Union Representatives, but a union can’t be carried solely on the backs of Union Reps. The Union relies on workplace leaders. As a workplace leader, you make collective bargaining agreements meaningful by helping your coworkers implement their contract and defend their rights on a day-to-day basis. As a member of your worksite, you are in the best position to understand your coworkers’ concerns and priorities, organize with them to take action, and communicate their priorities to other union leaders. You are also the best person to educate coworkers about our union’s goals.

The Role of a Workplace Leader

Our most important job is to build an active, united membership in our workplace. Workplace leaders strengthen the Union by welcoming new employees and letting others know how they can become involved.

Communicator and Educator
Workplace leaders help share information from Union flyers, newsletters, emails, and meetings. They also inform members, get feedback, and encourage participation through one-on-one communication. Workplace leaders listen and learn about workers’ problems and concerns. They stay informed and are a link between workers, stewards, officers and staff.

Role Model 
Workplace leaders lead by example. They participate in union activities and regularly attend Union meetings, sometimes on behalf of fellow members who cannot attend. Workplace leaders also maintain a good work record.

A workplace leaders sets the example as a unifying advocate for workers’ rights. They find common ground on problems that threaten to divide coworkers and make sure everyone is involved in our Union. Union leaders seek out members who — perhaps by shift, gender, race, job title, or language — are not involved, and find ways to break down these barriers.

Union Stewards

Union Stewards take on an additional layer of accountability. A steward acts as the in-store union presence and receives additional federal protections for their official role. A steward is the equal of store management and can act as union representation in a Weingarten meeting. Stewards have additional responsibilities such as helping to solve workplace issues and enforcing the Union contract.

Have what it takes?

Contact your Union Representative if you’d like to learn more or are ready to become a Workplace Leader or Union Steward.