Get Involved in the Union

By participating in Union activities and events, we can build a strong Union that is better equipped to negotiate with employers and effect real change. Remember, the power of a union lies in its members. By getting involved and making your voice heard, you can make a real difference for yourself and your fellow members.

Picket Captains construct strike signs for the Strike on Fred Meyer & QFC. December 2021.

Attend Your Next Meeting

The easiest way to become an active member of the Union is to attend your local Quarterly Meeting. New members are encouraged to attend a New Member Meeting to get introduced with the Union.

Join the Active Ballot Club

By joining the Active Ballot Club, you leverage the power of the Union to make your voice heard in the halls of power. Through the ABC, we are able to advance legislation that strengthens our Union and provides stronger worker protections.

Know Your Union Rights

Familiarizing yourself with your Union rights is the first step to protecting them. Being able to effectively apply your rights will help you strengthen the Union presence in your workplace and save you a lot of trouble.

Become a Workplace Leader

Do you have what it takes to become a leader in your workplace? As a leader, you will act as an integral liaison between your coworkers and the Union. Workplace leaders keep their workplace informed and active while helping to implement their Union contract.