Organize with Local 555​

Unionizing with UFCW Local 555

With over 30,000 dedicated members across a variety of industries in Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and Wyoming, UFCW Local 555 is Oregon’s largest private-sector labor union. Combined, we have the power and resources to negotiate for better wages, benefits, and working conditions. As a member of Local 555, you’ll also be a part of the 1.3 million members of the UFCW International, giving you the strength and support to make real change in your workplace. When you unionize your workplace through Local 555, you and your coworkers will have a voice in shaping your job and your future. Together, we can achieve fair treatment and better lives for you and your coworkers.

The Union Difference

The Union Difference

Being a part of Local 555 means having a voice in your workplace. You and your coworkers will have the ability to negotiate a strong union contract through collective bargaining. You will also have access to workplace representation so you’ll never be forced to deal with your employer alone. Members of 555 have been able to negotiate high-quality and affordable healthcare, strong retirement savings, and higher wages. Additionally, UFCW offers unique educational opportunities and discounts. Unionizing with Local 555 is an investment in your future, your family’s future, and the future of your coworkers.

How to Start a Union at Your Workplace

If your workplace is located in Oregon, Washington, Idaho, or Wyoming, fill out the contact form below, and one of UFCW Local 555’s experienced organizing representative will get back to you to. 

Workers at Imperfect Foods wear gold UFCW T-shirts after choosing to unionize with UFCW 555.
Workers at Imperfect Foods voted to unionize with UFCW Local 555. November 2022

“We’re looking forward to negotiating a union contract that will address issues like safety, unevenly assigned delivery routes, and create a fair wage scale with guaranteed increases. The value that delivery drivers have brought to this company, turning it from a niche startup to a household name, can’t be overstated. Negotiating collectively will ensure that we’re able to grow with the company and get the most out of the work we do.”
– Moira McCarthy, Driver at Imperfect Foods