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Notice of Nominations for Election of UFCW Local 555 Union Officers & Notice of UFCW Local 555 Union Officers Election

This is the [copy of the] official notice of nominations for election of officers of UFCW Local 555. Nominations will be accepted for election of President, Secretary-Treasurer, Recorder and 15 Vice Presidents. Nominations for the elected positions will be conducted by petition (sample petition is shown below). Completed petitions must include at least 450 signatures from active members and must … Read more »

Unity Negotiations: the third meeting

union strong fist

This was the third meeting with employers and they offered very minor modifications. They’re still pushing to take away seniority rights, earned vacation rights, and to make it possible for courtesy clerks to check. They brought nothing new to the table that would resolve our primary issue: being able to afford to live in our communities. The next scheduled negotiation … Read more »

Unity Negotiations: the second meeting

Rising fists

Today the employer came to the table, but not much progress was made. They did not address many of our proposals, including staffing issues, hours issues, or economic (wage) issues. Instead, they proposed: • Scheduling you for fewer hours per day and more days per week • Taking away your contractual premium pay during hard-to-fill times (nights and Sundays) • … Read more »

Pride Parade update

Union Pride 2018

Don’t forget to come show your Union Pride and your solidarity with our fellow LGBTQIA brethren at the Portland Pride Parade on Sunday, July 17th. We now have our more detailed information: we are #92 in the lineup, just ahead of the Letter Carriers. Meet on NW Davis between 8th and Park at 10 am if you want to help decorate the bus, … Read more »

Union Pride

The Oregon Labor Movement is marching together behind one banner in the 2018 Portland Pride Parade on Sunday, June 17th. Our goal is a unified contingent 200 strong of union and allied members celebrating pride in their LGBTQ friends and colleagues. Read more »

Guest Column: Stay Safe!

Given that we just completed the holiday season, I shouldn’t be surprised that we saw occasional workplace concerns that had to do with shoplifting. Our fellow members weren’t the ones doing the shoplifting: the customers were, and here’s the crazy thing. Our members are the ones getting in trouble. Well, it sounds crazy and backwards and mixed up. The thing … Read more »

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