ABC and Local 555 Endorsements

Watch this page for endorsements from the Active Ballot Club and your elected officials.

We must stand together to support those
who will work hard for hard-working families.

WF=Endorsed by the Working Families Party

Oregon Statewide


Kate Brown 

Oregon Ballot Measures

Bottom of endorsement list

Northern Willamette Valley


Senate District

8 Sara Gelser WF

11 Peter Courtney WF

13 Sarah Grider WF

House District

15 Jerred Taylor WF

16 Dan Rayfield WF

18 Barry Shapiro

19 Mike Ellison WF

20 Paul Evans WF

22 Teresa Alonso Leon WF

23 Danny Jaffer WF

24 Ken Moore

Marion County Commission

Shelaswau Crier WF

Keizer City Council

Elizabeth Smith

Southern Willamette Valley


Senate District

4 Floyd Prozanski WF

6 Lee Beyer

7 James Manning Jr. WF

House District

8 Paul Holvey WF

11 Marty Wilde WF

12 John Lively WF

13 Nancy Nathanson WF

14 Julie Fahey WF

Lane County Commission

Position 2 Joe Berney WF

Position 5 Heather Buch WF

Linn County Commission

Stephanie Newton

Portland Metro continued 


Metro Council District

2 Christine Lewis WF

Clackamas County Clerk

Pam White WF

Washington County Chairman

Kathryn Harrington WF

Portland City Commission

Loretta Smith

Lake Oswego City Council

Massene Mboup

Daniel Nguyen 

Emma Burke

Yamhill County Commission

Casy Kulla

Gresham City Council

Eddy Morales

Wilsonville City Council

David Davis

Charlotte Lehan


Milwaukie Mark Gamba

Tigard Jason Snider

Multnomah County Auditor

Jennifer McGuirk



Congressional District

2 Jamie McLeod Skinner W

Senate District

26 Chrissy Reitz WF

House District

52 Anna Williams WF

53 Eileen Kiehy

Circuit Court Judge

Union/Wallowa Counties Wes Williams 

City Council

Bend Gena Goodman-Campbell



Congressional District

4 Peter DeFazio WF

House District

5 Pam Marsh WF

7 Christy Inskip



9 Caddy McKeown

10 David Gomberg WF

32 Tiffiny Mitchell WF

Coos County Commission

John Sweet




Congressional District

3 Carolyn Long

House District

17-1 Tanisha Harris

19-2 Brian Blake

49-1 Sharon Wylie

49-2 Monica Stonier

18-2 Kathy Gillespie

City Council

Clark County, District 1 Temple Lentz

Ballot Measures:

Legislative Referral 102 – Support

This Legislative Referral expands opportunities to build more affordable housing to keep our families, seniors, veterans, and people with disabilities safe, healthy, and off the streets.

Constitutional Amendment 103 – Oppose

Your grocery store employers want this Constitutional Amendment passed because it shifts the costs to YOU and gives them permanent (!) tax breaks. Don’t fall for the fear-mongering…103 does not change whether or not we pay taxes on our groceries.

Constitutional Amendment 104 – Oppose

This is an anti-voter Constitutional Amendment designed to weaken your voice and favor large corporations and the wealthy…the same people who have rigged the system against us all. Plus, it will create D.C.-style gridlock in Salem, and we don’t need that.

Ballot Measure 105 – Oppose

Haven’t we realized yet that treating immigrants as less-than-human is simply wrong? This measure would overturn our 30-year-old ban on racial profiling. It’s likely to make human rights violations much more common.

Constitutional Amendment 106 – Oppose

This proposed Constitutional Amendment restricts access to safe, legal abortions. Oregon has protected a women’s right to choose half a dozen times before when faced with similar attempted restrictions…this is just more of the same…an attempt to control women’s bodies.

coming in late summer/early fall: November midterm election endorsements

This year’s midterm elections are shaping up to be particularly pivotal. Remain informed, make sure you are registered to vote, and watch here for your union’s endorsements.

WA State Primaries (August, 2018)

Our ABC (Active Ballot Club) has endorsed these candidates for the WA State Primary this summer. Remember that the ABC endorses candidates not based on their political party, but on their platform and their emphasis on workers’ rights.

There are noticeably fewer candidates endorsed in Washington than in Oregon; this is because Local 555 only endorses for areas where our member work, which is just SW Washington. For UFCW endorsements for the rest of the state, please visit Local 21.

Oregon Primaries (May, 2018)

The Oregon May primaries have passed. Here’s the list of who we endorsed (PDF).

75% of our endorsed candidates won their races and another 12% advanced to run-offs. Congratulations to all on a well-fought race!