UFCW 555 Responds to the Passage of HB 2426

Salem, Oregon – UFCW Local 555 issues the following statements in response to the passing of HB 2426, which, while potentially bringing convenience to some Oregonians, will also harm workers in Oregon as well as make it more difficult for disabled drivers to fuel their vehicles.

“The passing of HB 2426 is just another example of the misplaced priorities of the Legislature’s current Democratic leadership in Oregon. This bill is clear favoritism for big oil companies over the interests of workers. While some Oregonians may experience marginal convenience, the underlying motivation is just a corporate giveaway that adds a burden to disabled drivers and undermines the safety and welfare of workers.”  Dan Clay, President of UFCW Local 555

UFCW 555 represents nearly 800 workers at 63 grocery store fuel stations in Oregon. Oregon has over 2000 gas stations in total, all of which will now be able to operate half of their pumps as self-serve, once the Governor signs the bill.

“With over 2000 gas stations in Oregon, laying off just ONE employee per location represents millions of dollars a year that giant corporations are not paying in wages, benefits, and public payroll taxes. This blatant cash grab for large corporations leaves workers once again waiting for Democratic leadership that actually cares about them. Oh, and your gas prices will not go down either.” – Sandy Humphrey, Secretary-Treasurer of UFCW Local 555

“It’s bizarre that legislative leaders celebrated the end of a political logjam that was holding up important bills only to make sure that they had enough time left in session to leave workers out in the cold yet again. I liked it better when they simply ignored us; this is now the Legislature actively putting people out of work.” Michael Selvaggio, UFCW 555 Political Liaison

UFCW 555 had previously agreed to withhold judgment on the legislation with the understanding that it would be linked to additional worker protections.

“This is just another example of why UFCW 555 has put up a slate of ballot initiatives, including initiative 32, to restore public trust in our state government. Initiative 32 would close the loophole that allows lawmakers to meet and deliberate in secret, it also requires that partisan caucus rules be made public, and prohibits the “selling” of public committee positions through political contributions.” –  Miles Eshaia, Communications Coordinator for UFCW Local 555