Workers at Imperfect Foods have filed for a Union Election

September 12, 2022
Contact: Miles Eshaia
UFCW Local 555, Communications Coordinator 


Workers at Imperfect Foods have filed for a Union Election


Clackamas, Oregon – Workers at Imperfect Foods have filed for their Union Election.

“It’s no surprise that we’re seeing a massive resurgence in the labor movement as American workers realize that they must come together to achieve the American Dream. It has become clear that there is no better path toward securing our future than by investing in the working class. Workers at Imperfect Foods risked their lives to bring necessities to people’s doorsteps during the pandemic when others were staying home. They deserve a voice in their workplace, and a job that compensates them with good pay, reliable benefits, and a secure retirement.” – Dan Clay, UFCW Local 555 Union President.

Among their reasons for organizing, the workers at Imperfect Foods want a clear process for their voice to be heard when implementing policies and addressing safety issues, evenly distributed delivery routes, and a fair wage scale with guaranteed increases.


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