UFCW 555 sees Victories at Six Locations over Labor Day Weekend

UFCW 555 sees Victories at Six Locations over Labor Day Weekend. Workers at Guardian Games have voted to unionize and five Safeway Pharmacies ratify their first contract.

Oregon – Workers at Guardian Games have voted to unionize their workplace and join UFCW Local 555. Employees of the local board game and trading card shop voted unanimously to organize their workplace through an NLRB election on September 1st, 2023.

“Pulling off an organizing campaign like this is no small feat and the initiative taken by the Guardian Games membership should provide inspiration to workers at other Portland small businesses. The fight isn’t over yet, and negotiating a good first contract is going to be critical. Still, we look forward to the Guardian Games membership enjoying all of the advantages that a unionized workplace has to offer.” – Miles Eshaia, UFCW 555 Communications Coordinator.

On September 3rd, workers at five Safeway Pharmacies in the Portland Metro Area as well as Bend, Oregon, also saw the ratification of their first contract. The contract boasts wage increases, a secure retirement, as well as a robust health and welfare plan.

“Pharmacy technicians working at these Safeways are the first pharmacy workers in Albertsons-Safeway covered by a Union Contract. By raising the standards here, we raise the standards for pharmacy technicians everywhere. Safeway pharmacy workers had a stronger presence at the bargaining table by joining the same Union as their coworkers. When we head back to the bargaining table for the rest of the workers in the store, having secured this contract will also strengthen their position, with the whole group bargaining as one.” – Dan Clay, UFCW Local 555 Union President.